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West Fork Little Sioux River IA 06-LSR-1598

mouth (S12 T84N R45W Monona Co.) to confluence with a small unnamed tributary near Climbing Hill in S16 T87N R45W Woodbury Co.

Assessment Cycle
Result Period
1996 - 1998
Assessment Type
Integrated Report
Category 0
Legacy ADBCode
IA 06-LSR-0120_1
Overall Use Support
Aquatic Life Use Support
Assessment Comments

Assessment is based on results of three October 1995 IDNR stream use assessments conducted in Monona and Woodbury counties.

Basis for Assessment

SUMMARY:  The Class B(LR) aquatic life uses remain assessed as "fully supported / threatened."  EXPLANATION:  The assessment of support of the Class B(LR) uses remains based on the biological and habitat information from the three October 1995 DNR stream use assessments conducted on this reach of the West Fork Little Sioux River (see assessment for the 1998 report above).   A review of the field sheets from the October 1995 assessments shows presence of all the expected fish taxa (7 of 7) for streams in the Loess Hills and Rolling Prairies (47e) subecoregion.    Two of the assessment sites contained 6 of the 7 expected taxa; the remaining site contained 4 of the 7 expected taxa.   According to DNR's assessment methodology for Section 305(b) reporting, these results suggest that the Class B(LR) aquatic life use are "fully supported / threatened."  The October 1995 stream assessments were conducted during high flow conditions.   Follow-up biological monitoring should be conducted at lower flows in summer to better determine the status of the aquatic communities of this stream reach.

Monitoring and Methods
Assessment Key Dates
330 Fish surveys
375 Visual observation-- may not quantify some parameters-- single season-- by prof.
Monitoring Levels
Biological 3
Habitat 3
Physical Chemistry 0
Toxic 0
Pathogen Indicators 0
Other Health Indicators 0
Other Aquatic Life Indicators 0
# of Bio Sites 0
BioIntegrity N/A