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Water Quality Assessments

Impaired Waters List

2010 Assessment Summary - Category 4 - Water is impaired or threatened and a TMDL has been completed or is not needed

The waterbody is impaired but a TMDL is not required or a TMDL has already been completed. The waterbody is not included on the state’s section 303(d) list of impaired waters (Category 5 of the Integrated Report).
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Pollutant-caused impairment. TMDL has been completed.
Water is impaired or a declining water quality trend is evident, but a TMDL is not needed.
Non-pollutant caused impairment. No TMDL needed.
Water is impaired due to a pollutant-caused fish kill and enforcement action was taken to address the source of the kill: a TMDL is not needed.
Waterbody ADB Code Type Segment Overall Category Aquatic Life (Class B) Recreation
Primary Contact (Class A1)
Secondary Contact (Class A2)
Fish Consumption (Class HH) Drinking Water (Class C)