Iowa DNR

Water Quality Assessments

Impaired Waters List

Iowa River IA 02-IOW-622

from south corporate limit of Wapello (S35, T74N, R3W, Louisa Co.) to Long Cr (S1, T74N, R4W, Louisa Co.)

Assessment Cycle
Release Status
Result Period
1990 - 1992
Assessment Type
Integrated Report
Category 0
Legacy ADBCode
IA 02-IOW-0010_2
Overall Use Support
Aquatic Life Use Support
Fish Consumption
Primary Contact Recreation
Assessment Comments

Assessment is based on results of USGS/NAWQA monitoring at Wapello.

Basis for Assessment

With only data from 1992 available from USGS, have 2 of 4 samples collected at average flows that have levels of fecals that exceed the Class A WQC; thus, due to lack of complete data, use BPJ to assess as PS.   No problems with ammonia or DO; thus, assess support of Class B uses as FST (due to known threats from ag.  NPS.   All fish contams in 1991 RAFT sample were < 1/2 FDA action levels; thus, fish consumption uses assessed as FS.

Monitoring and Methods
Assessment Key Dates
240 Non-fixed station physical/chemical (conventional + toxicants)
260 Fish tissue analysis
Monitoring Levels
Biological 0
Habitat 0
Physical Chemistry 3
Toxic 0
Pathogen Indicators 0
Other Health Indicators 0
Other Aquatic Life Indicators 0
# of Bio Sites 0
BioIntegrity N/A
Causes and Sources of Impairment
Causes Use Support Cause Magnitude Sources Source Magnitude