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Water Quality Assessments

Impaired Waters List

Floyd River IA 06-FLO-1552

mouth to West Branch Floyd R. in S2, T91N, R46W, Plymouth Co.

Assessment Cycle
Release Status
Result Period
1988 - 1990
Assessment Type
Integrated Report
Category 0
Legacy ADBCode
IA 06-FLO-0010_0
Overall Use Support
Aquatic Life Use Support
Fish Consumption
Not assessed
Assessment Comments

Assessed based on results of September 1990 IDNR stream use assessment conducted in Plymouth county.

Basis for Assessment

Stream assessment form indicates fairly good habitat.   Snag habitat and relatively deep pools were observed.   Channelization is fairly common.   Also used WQ monitoring data and info from stream use designation surveys on Sept.  5, 1990 to assess support of aquatic life uses as FST.   Had 1 of 36 samples exceed acute criterion for TRC.   DNR staff used BPJ to assess as PS due to siltation and nutrients from agricultural NPS.

Monitoring and Methods
Assessment Key Dates
9/5/1990 One-time Chemical Monitoring
230 Fixed station physical/chemical (conventional plus toxic pollutants)
330 Fish surveys
375 Visual observation-- may not quantify some parameters-- single season-- by prof.
Monitoring Levels
Biological 0
Habitat 0
Physical Chemistry 0
Toxic 0
Pathogen Indicators 0
Other Health Indicators 0
Other Aquatic Life Indicators 0
# of Bio Sites 0
BioIntegrity N/A
Causes and Sources of Impairment
Causes Use Support Cause Magnitude Sources Source Magnitude